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Nice to Meet You (Asiapac Books), Singapore. 2022

Kang Jing (Story and Art), Pavith C (Colours)

4 Pages titled "The Job Interview"

Who are the new kids on the comics-making block here in Singapore?

Get to know them in "Nice to Meet You!": A Singapore Comics Anthology, the first issue of COMIX.SG's comics anthology. In a collection of brand-new comics ranging from light-hearted comedy to complex storylines, this first issue puts all stylistic differences aside. Allow these emerging artists to introduce themselves and their work to you, all on their own terms.

"Nice to Meet You!" is a showcase of the wonderful diversity available in the local comics scene. It is a space for anyone with a story to tell. It is a statement to the potential future of comics here in Singapore, and this anthology is only the beginning.

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