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Save me from Chloe

Chiral Comics, Singapore. 2021

Kang Jing (Creator, Writer, Artist, Letterer), Xiao Qian (Editor)

64 Pages Paperback Graphic Novel

What would you do with an exasperating little sister? Who would you call to share Just-One-Bite of your favourite cake? Join us on a laughter-filled adventure into the daily life of the wacky siblings, Nathan and Chloe, whose extraordinary and endearing antics are sure to make you smile.

"Save me from Chloe" is a four panel comic strip series chronicling the hilarious and delightful reality of living with a sibling. Open up these pages to celebrate every high and low in Nathan and Chloe’s life, indulge in ridiculous escapades and be crowned an honorary family member. Buckle up and let the adventure begin!

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