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Kang Jing (KJ) is a Singaporean Graphic Novelist and the visionary behind Chiral Comics. KJ entered into the industry in 2019 with the release of his debut comic series, “The World My Arena”, which was successfully funded through Kickstarter. Garnering substantial attention, the martial arts series received coverage in local media outlets such as justsaying.ASIA and CNA Lifestyle, and adapted into animated videos (ComicVid by VividThree Productions).

In 2022, KJ was invited as an ambassador artist for Singapore's inaugural Comic Embassy, an initiative co-organised by SG Cartoon Resource Hub and NAFA International. Later on, KJ had the privilege to adapt the autobiography of CPT Ho Weng Toh, Singapore's last World War II Flying Tiger, into a comic series published in the local newspaper.

On the global stage, KJ’s works have been featured in internationally published comic anthologies, including the Covid Chronicles by Graphic Mundi, which was named by The Washington Post as one of the "Best Graphic Novels of 2021". He was also announced as the interior comic artist for Týr, internationally renowned Faroese folk metal band, to be published in 2024.

Currently, he is working on his latest project, Zhao, a wuxia graphic novel steeped in historical fiction.



2024: Týr: Rage of the Northmen. Creamy Rat Studios, United States. 32 Pages Single Issue.

2023: Zhao Vol 1. Chiral Comics, Singapore. 200 Pages Graphic Novel.

2022: The World My Arena Vol 2. Chiral Comics, Singapore. 200 Pages Graphic Novel.

2022: Dead of Knight #1. ASAP Imagination, United Kingdom. 24 Pages Single Issue.

2021: The World My Arena Vol 1. Chiral Comics, Singapore. 200 Pages Graphic Novel.

2021: Hello AgainPink Ponk Comics, Singapore. 12 Pages Single Issue.

2021: Save me from ChloeChiral Comics, Singapore. 64 Pages Graphic Novel.


2024: Power Rangers in Space. Iconic Bliss Entertainment, Singapore. Exclusive Print.

2024: Zodiac - Dragon's Fury #4. Pink Ponk Comics, Singapore. Variant Cover.

2022: World Doesn't Need Us: Munyu. Pink Ponk Comics, Singapore. Variant Cover.

2022: HeroCS Comics, Singapore. Variant Cover.


2023: Might, Magic & Monster-in-Laws. Singapore. 4 Pages titled "Save the Princess".

2022: Femme Fatale. Dren Productions LLC, United States. 8 Pages titled "Vindictive".

2022: Cthulhu is Hard to SpellWannabe Press, United States. 4 Pages titled "Delivery".

2022: Nice to Meet You. Asiapac Books, Singapore. 4 Pages titled "The Job Interview".

2022: My World. SG Cartoon Resource Hub, Singapore. 2 Pages titled "My Dream".

2022: New Year, New Stories 2022. SOV Comics, United Kingdom. 8 Pages titled "Hunted".

2022: Twisting Time. Archer Comics Press, United States. 6 Pages titled "The Argonaut".

2021: Go SouthEast #3SouthEast Comics, Netherlands. 3 Pages titled "Between a Rock and a Hard Place".

2021: Destiny and The UnXplainablesSingapore. 18 Pages titled "Destiny".

2021: The Great Command MeantArcane Inkdustries, United States. 4 Pages titled "Fall from Grace".

2021: SingaHeroesCS Comics, Singapore. 10 Pages titled "Crimson Star".

2021: Covid ChroniclesGraphic Mundi, United States. 2 Pages titled "The Hero in my Heart".


2023: 飞虎情缘. SPH Media, Singapore. 6 Weeks of Newspaper Comics.
2022: H%C #4100% Comics, United States. Back Cover.

2020: The Incredible Animal RaceSingapore. Novel Illustrations.

2019: Zodiac #3Pink Ponk Comics, Singapore. 1 Page Illustration.


2024: Workshop at Bauhinia Baptist Church. Invited Guest Instructor

2023: Red Dot Comics Den S3 E6 - Comics Contenders. Guest Speaker on Podcast (Fantasy Action)

2023: Singapore Comic Con 2023. Panelist for Singapore Comic Con New Talent Showcase

2023: Singapore Comic Con 2023. Panelist for Part-Time Worldbuilders

2023: 19th International Comics Conference (Anyang, China). Art Gallery Exhibitor

2022: Comic Embassy @ Tekka Place. Ambassador Comic Artist

2022: Sharing at Unity Secondary School. Invited Guest Speaker

2022: 7th Singapore Original Comics Festival. Art Gallery Exhibitor

2021: 6th Singapore Original Comics Festival. Art Gallery Exhibitor

2020: SCC & MYCC Virtual Fan Festival (SMVFF) Story Time Contest. Winner

2020: NTU Arts Festival. Invited Guest Instructor




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