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Chiral Comics

Established in 2021, Chiral Comics is the brainchild of Kang Jing (KJ), a passionate advocate for compelling storytelling through the medium of graphic novels. With a keen emphasis on delivering exceptional narratives, Chiral Comics has successfully published two captivating volumes under its esteemed imprint:

  • 2023: Zhao Vol 1 (ISBN: 978-981-18-8375-0)

  • 2022: The World My Arena Vol 2 (ISBN: 978-981-18-5216-9)

  • 2021: The World My Arena Vol 1 (ISBN: 978-981-18-2361-9)

Zhao Vol 1.jpg
TWMA Vol2.jpg
TWMA Vol1.jpg

Exclusive to Kickstarter backers, a series of limited edition collectible cards accompanied the launch of each graphic novel, adding an extra layer of value and enjoyment for supporters.

  • 003: Zhao Ming (Zhao Vol 1)

  • 002: Gideon (The World My Arena Vol 2)

  • 001: Nathan (The World My Arena Vol 1)

Card 3 - Zhao Ming (Zhao Vol 2)
Card 2 - Gideon (TWMA Vol 2)
Card 1 - Nathan (TWMA Vol 1)
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