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Zhao Cover.jpg

Chiral Comics, Singapore. 2021

Kang Jing (Creator, Writer, Artist, Letterer), Alan Bay (Colorist), Api Ngo (Co-Writer, Editor)

200 Pages Hardcover Graphic Novel

ISBN: 978-981-18-8375-0

"1279 The Battle of Yamen" - By decree of the formidable Kublai Khan, Mongol forces achieved a resounding victory over the ranks of the once-mighty Song Dynasty.

Four decades of conflict culminated in this one final naval battle that consigned the Song empire to the annals of history and established the Mongols' total dominion over China, ushering in a new era: The Yuan Dynasty.

Caught in the tides of history, Zhao Ming, revered General of the Song, Spear-Master of the Zhao, and his wife Su Xi'er, together with their three sons, embody the dwindling embers of a once-glorious dynasty. Living concealed lives under false identities for years, their world is irrevocably altered by a single reckless moment, thrusting them back into the treacherous abyss.

Zhao Ming finds himself crushed between impossible choices wrought by fate, and torn apart by moral obligations to his family and brethren. His one decision will decide the fates of thousands, his every step reverberating across time.

Fate, destiny, duty and honour intertwine in this epic saga of blood, blades and tears...

Fans of historical fiction, character driven drama, and of course Wuxia can find a lot to love in Zhao.

Paul B., Writer, The Pullbox

His brand new series, it's well done, it's fascinating, it's interesting.

David, Comics Reviewer, David Books and Comics (Youtube)

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