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The World My Arena Vol 2

Chiral Comics, Singapore. 2022

Kang Jing (Creator, Writer, Artist, Letterer), Ace (Screentone), Alan Bay (Cover Colorist), Tara Clarkson (Editor)

200 Pages Hardcover Graphic Novel

ISBN: 978-981-18-5216-9

Armed with hard-won skills and a new positive outlook, Nathan is poised at the beginning of a life freed from the misery that has weighed him down. But when his little sister Chloe is kidnapped by a hooded figure in a back alley, it precipitates Nathan into the wider world of his allies and enemies, and a whole new level of danger.

Nathan is joined by Ethan, who helps to save Chloe's life. In return, Nathan finds himself striving to help Ethan unlock the mysteries of his past, and to keep Ethan from throwing away his soul in a nightmare-fueled quest for vengeance.

As their paths cross, diverge, and cross again, Nathan and Ethan begin to learn the terrible secret that has driven Sifu Gideon into hiding - a secret which ties all of their destinies together.

就像当年的香港武打漫画, 这是一本充满自强不息精神的漫画书

The World My Arena is centered upon the spirit of continuous self-renewal, evocative of the classic Hong Kong Martial Arts Comics [Translated].

CT Lim, Country Editor (Singapore) International Journal of Comic Art

Watching him overcome his suffering and learn to defend himself as well as his sister is truly touching.

Layna Putterman, Writer, A Place To Hang Your Cape

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