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The World My Arena Vol 1

Chiral Comics, Singapore. 2021

Kang Jing (Creator, Writer, Artist, Letterer), Ace (Screentone), Alan Bay (Cover Colorist), Tara Clarkson (Editor)

200 Pages Hardcover Graphic Novel

ISBN: 978-981-18-2361-9

Despised and abused by his classmates, dismissed by his teachers, and overlooked by everyone else, Nathan struggles to find a place in the world. When the constant barrage of ill-treatment and misery finally drives Nathan to the brink of death, the quick thinking and merciful heart of a school janitor with hidden skills gives Nathan the chance to learn how to defend himself... and even find acceptance from his former persecutors. But in a world that's been terribly unkind to Nathan, his morals and his true worth will be tested at every turn.

PACKS A PUNCH! (Pun intended)

Reminiscent of the fighting manga and HK martial arts comics of yore. KJ burst into the scene in 2019 almost fully formed and it will be interesting to trace his development. The World My Arena is the pivotal starting point.

CT Lim, Country Editor (Singapore) International Journal of Comic Art

“The World My Arena Volume 1” Packs a Punch and a lot of Heart.

Dylan Fine, Writer, A Place To Hang Your Cape

I'll give the story a 9/10.

It was really good, really relatable, well written. You feel for the characters, you feel for Nathan.


Andrew Maclean and Charlie Armour, The Rabbit Hole Show

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